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I have a 1990 mustang coupe and I have the SVE one piece headlight kit and the low high beam part on the back of the headlights is stopping them from sealing off they like about a half inch to go in were they need to be what could be the problem I need some help Thanks
from Calhoun |
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Verify that there are no obstructions behind the headlight that are keeping the housing from seating properly. Obstructions could be old hardware or wiring. If you've verified there are not any obstructions, make sure that the studs for the lamp are properly lining up with the headlight reinforcement panel. Although no cutting is typically required for these lights, I've seen mold variations between headlight reinforcement panels require slight trimming or opening of bolt holes. If you've checked for all of the above, and still have questions, feel free to contact our customer service department.
from hewitt |
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