Community Q&A Question: The passenger side rear quarter panel speaker grill falls off

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The passenger side rear quarter panel speaker grill falls off

Because it is constantly falling off I have tried clips, (ford doesn't sell the OEM clips anymore) glue, different clips etc but nothing works. Since you sell the speaker cover I would think that you would also have clips for sale to attach the grill. I really need help with thjis one because I bought the grill cover from Ford 3 years ago and all it does is fall off. Any help at all would be welcome!
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Read the review about using machine screws to fasten the speaker grille to the panel, it's works flawlessly.

I just installed new grilles myself did what was posted. I simply broke the long tab Off of the back of the cover, the part that would be melted, and use #6 machine screws and washers to secure the grille to the panel. Just be sure to take your time, or you risk cracking or breaking the whole tab off.
from Allentown |
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Ask and you shall receive! We just created kit part # HDW-18978AB that includes five M4 retaining clips. While these clips are not "correct" as the Ford originals are indeed discontinued, they are fully functional and will keep your grille from falling off. It will be listed on the web soon, in the mean time you can contact one of our customer care reps and they'll get you taken care of.
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