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SVE drift wheel

seen this on fox body pics on your site. what did they do to get this setup? i have a 92 gt. any help would be great. thanks lee
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You'll need to do an SN95 brake conversion using the 94-04 spindles/brakes in the front. An example of that would be part number SVE-2300EK. After that, every car is different as far as what is required. On my '89 we had to modify the fender spat, splash shield, roll the fenders, run steering rack limiters, modify the rear tailpipes and remove the quad shock. With all of that done they would still rub in tight spots like a parking lot. Your 92 has larger fender openings so you may not have to do all of that. I also ran 10's on the rear.
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Thanks for the response. this is great. lee b. - herman 3 years ago

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