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Latch Problem

I ordered this piece and putting this on my car has caused nothing but issues for some reason. The issues are that just getting the thing adjusted to where you can actually close the door is a pain; and even when getting it setup to where the door can shut, the door then is very difficult to open. When I compare with the OE version, I noticed the steel head (where the star wrench goes in) on this new one is way more bulky and thick compared to the OE version with is thinner and more rounded. I ordered LRS-22008B, so did I get the right part? Wondering what to do, because there is an obvious issue. Thanks in advance
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Accepted Answer
The head of it should not be causing issue as the striker only makes contact with the gray bushing portion. These do take quite a bit of patience to get adjusted properly. I would also inspect your door hinge bushings because if the door is sagging a bit, it will cause the same issues you are experiencing.
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Thanks for the quick response; appreciate it. I will check into that. - Ryan 3 years ago
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