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Airflow fluctuates wildly

I just had this air conditioner conversion kit professionally installed in my 1986 mustang GT. It seems to be working okay, but the true test is coming in July and August in Texas, right? :)

I notice that the airflow varies wildly and seems to be quite sporadic, especially on the "max" setting. Is this normal? It will be blowing full bast and then dip down to almost nothing and then back up to somewhere in the middle, then full blast again, etc. I don't remember the OEM A/C doing anything like that before the conversion.


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If the volume of air coming out of the vents is what is changing, that will not have anything to do with this kit. Either the blower motor is acting up, or you have a vacuum leak that is causing it to revert to defrost under moderate throttle. If the airflow varies based on how much throttle you are giving it, it will be time to check for vacuum leaks.
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Thanks, yes that would seem to fit the description of what is happening. In 4th and 5th gear under throttle it is very noticeable and will dip down to almost zero airflow. When throttle released it returns back to full airflow.

So, regarding troubleshooting the vacuum leak issue... is there a "most likely culprit" place to start on the foxbodies? Any recommendations on that would be very appreciated.
- eric 3 years ago

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