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91 lx to gt conversion

I know I need the switch for fog lights. But does the wiring harness in a lx already have fog light harness so its plug and play or do I need to find a fog light wiring harness?
from Jackson |
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I do not know if the wiring harness is present on an LX. I sold my GT last October and purchased a LX. I would be interested if you find an answer because I would like to put driving lights on my LX. I have looked around the switch and have not seen any unused wires that could be for fog lights. Try looking under the front bumper to see there is any unused wires here which could be used for fox lights. One problem is the fog lights on a GT were wired through the turn signal switch and had a high current draw they would burn out the turn signal switch. I wired my GT with a relay to eliminate this problem. I hope this helps.
Drop me a email if you find out an answer.
from Princeton |
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No the LX does not have the harness for fog lights. You can see if Late Model caries one one or go to your local pick-a-part and see if can find one there or you can just hard wire it yourself hope this helps Chris M
from Simi Valley |
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