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SVE lowering springs

i know I need a pan bar when installing these springs but do I also need to install camber plates?
from Round Rock |
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You could get the camber plates if you want to go that route, but when I installed mine i had the local tire shop install camber bolts when i had my car alined
from Fairfield |
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My car aligned just fine without the panhard bar or camber plates or bolts after installing these springs. - Tim 3 years ago

That's what I'm hoping for and the video of the install isn't recommending either of the additions. Is your turn radious the same? I have 19 inch rims, what size are yours? I'm not trying to cut corners but at same time I don't want to add cost if I don't have to. Bolt on or not it all starts to add up. - Baron 3 years ago

I am running 18 and have no clearance issues at all. She still turns darn near right angles. ;-) The guy who did my alignment said it was a very easy install and align (and since he gave me a lifetime warranty on the alignment I assume he wasn't just saying that to get me out of his shop). - Tim 3 years ago
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