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Asking About: Mustang Air Conditioner (A/C) Conversion Kit, R-12 - R-134 (82-86) 5.0L


Vacuum leak

I recently installed this kit and it is blowing cold. :)

However, I have air flow issues. Doesn't sound like this is related to the kit itself. Looks like I have a vacuum leak somewhere causing my my ac to divert airflow to the defrost mode under throttle.

So, my question is... where and how do I begin to trouble shoot a vacuum leak on a 1986 Mustang 5.0? Any "most likely culprits" in terms of where to start, and suggested methods to narrow it down?

from austin |
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You are on the right track. I've had this happen on just about every fox body I have owned. I would actually start under the hood around the vacuum tree and go from there. All of my cases have either been a cracked tree, or rotted under hood hose.
from Hewitt |
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