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Community Q&A Question: arp oil pump shaft

Asking About: Mustang ARP Oil Pump Driveshaft (79-95) 5.0


arp oil pump shaft

Is it true that you have to cut a 1/2 inch of the end of your distributor shaft to get your distributor to seat in the engine properly
from brunswick |
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Yeah your better of just reusing the stock one if its in good shape like I did brother - Jorge 5 years ago

I read that the Ford racing shaft works fine have you heard that - Dave 5 years ago

No I did not know that I just saw the arp shaft or I would of tried the ford Racing one - Jorge 5 years ago

Accepted Answer
When I replaced my distributor I found out that the end was cut. so I trimmed off the same amount on the new one. no biggie!
from Kenosha |

I didn't have to do anything to use this part.
from Brownstown |

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