Community Q&A Question: Do I need really need a boost a pump?

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Do I need really need a boost a pump?

I have an 01 GT that I swapped a 07 GT500 engine in. I did my fuel system and have 2 AEM 50-1200 in tank running thru AN10 fuel line. I have a 10% over dive balancer 80lb injectors and a whipple 2.9. E85 is my choice of fuel for the car and would like a tune to run 17lbs of boost. I know the 2.9 can do more but i am worried about how much that stock bottom end can take. I am thinking that I really need a boost a pump even with my upgraded fuel system.
from elk grove |
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Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to get it on a dyno or get a wideband on it to see where your a/f is at under boost. If you are running lean, then this would definitely help over come that.
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