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shifter complete ?

does this shifter come with everything needed for replacing the worn out shifter?Or do i have to purchase other parts to install
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I've never had to replace a shifter in any of my stangs,what should i expect regarding install,that would make it simpler knowledge wise,any surprises? - SCOTT 3 years ago

This kit Is complete minus a gasket. You can reuse your old one or you can use the enhanced gasket (LRS-8204T5g) - Most of the time your retaining clips are in good shape and can be reused as well but if they are not. Pick up (LRS-04424HDW) - Brandon 3 years ago

It looks like i asked the correct forum,thanks for the part #s since the shifter in it now is as firm as a soup spoon in a bowl,i'm going with NEW clips and gasket.Thanks Brandon - SCOTT 3 years ago

Scott. If you purchased the enhanced gasket then you will not need any any tv sealant at all. The gasket (due to its awesome compound) seals itself and can be reused over and over. - Brandon 3 years ago
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It comes with everything you need minus some RTV sealant. The only thing that some people might require is the plastic cup that fits on the end of the shifter ball. I have a 27 year old Mustang and it didn't need it, so you should be good.

Just lay a THIN Bead of RTV around the shifter-to-transmission opening, let it dry for a about 5 minutes then smoosh the shifter down on top of the RTV. Be sure not to over tighten those bolts. It doesn't need to be superman torqued down. Just tight enough to keep it from going anywhere.
from Arlington |
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Thanks Drew,you gave me exactly the answer i needed .I wasn't sure what to expect since this is going in a drag car that was originally automatic (barn find) - SCOTT 3 years ago
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