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choosing the correct flywheel

Ok,this is where I get a little lost. I have a 97 mustang GT 4.6 2v (X vin) so this translates to a 10.5" 8 bolt?
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Hey Garrett!

All the 'X' is referring to in your VIN number, is what type of engine is in the car. In your case, a 4.6L SOHC (Single Over-head Cam) engine. The 1996-1998 Mustang GTs were equipped with a 6 bolt crankshaft and flywheel from the factory.

*Disclaimer* However, there is a possibility that the engine could have been replaced, rebuilt, or otherwise modified differently if you are not the original owner. Therefore POTENTIALLY having an 8 bolt crank and flywheel.

Hope this helps!

from Waco |
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Thank you very much Landan! As far as tooth number do I need to go with the 157 tooth or can I go to a 164? Thank you for your time! - Garrett 3 years ago
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