Community Q&A Question: OEM Crank pulley required?

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OEM Crank pulley required?

I have I drive pulleys, the crank pulley differs from the oem pulley does this matter? Also one question you guys say 24lb injectors are good and the next you say they aren't enough? I'm gonna get a custom tune anyway but what's the deal on injectors on a 302 displacement mild street motor?
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Under drive pulleys^ - Colin 3 years ago

Ok my motor, has every bolt on you can add, but heads are stock, with roller rockers and stock cam. With bbk shorty headers and no cats. and internals are all stock. Trick flow upper and lower manifold 24lb injectors fuel regulator under drive pulleys, bbk intake 75mm throttle body. Is that considered built motor that would require bigger injectors with 5-6 psi? Also does the supercharger come with new crank pulley? Or does it bolt on to oem crank pulley? Cause my underdrive crank pulley is not the same. - Colin 3 years ago

I have a very similar set up to yours with a paxton supercharger running six pounds and I ran a little lean with 24lbs. I stepped up to 36 lbs. For the crank pulley, the supercharger will come with a crank pulley that actually sits inside of your existing stock pulley. I'm not sure if it will fit inside of an underside kit but my guess is it will not. - Robert 3 years ago

What did you go with as far as a maf meter? - Colin 3 years ago

Also I bought a 150gpl fuel pump is that adequate? - Colin 3 years ago

I did a pro m draw through calibrated to the 36lbs. The 150 should be adequate, I did a 255 just because I'm going to be doing heads later so I wanted to have extra to spare. - Robert 3 years ago
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24lb injectors would work fine with this kit as long as you have no other additional mods to your motor. If you do you would probably be better off to step up to a 30 or 36lb injector.
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