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catalytic converter deletion

So, I've learned that this system does not use the catalytic converters? How would the car behave without them? More power/less power? Less streetable? Would it smell like exhaust? Is it healthy for my 4.6? Would a light turn on in the dash? I just got the car yesterday, exhaust is the first thing I will do. Mild bolt-ons after exhaust, that's about all I plan to do, that and buff the $#!T out of it.
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The car will definitely benefit in performance without cats. To keep the light off, you will either need a handheld tuner to turn off the rear o2 sensors, or you can purchase part number SVE-MILO2, and those will keep the light off. The car will still be perfectly streetable, but the smell will be increased as there are no cats to help filter the odor. I would also check to see how your local inspections are done. If they do emissions testing, the car will not pass without cats.
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