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Still confused.

I'm going to be buying afr 185 heads. I did order theses roller rockers but am unsure if they will work with these heads. If not which roller rockers should I get for these heads.
from Grants pass |
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Like I said before these rockers will only fit if your heads are set up for the pedestal mount rockers. I pretty sure you will find the AFR 185 heads are going to be stud mount rockers, Proform also makes the stud mounted rockers, you should wait until you have the heads so you know for sure what type of rocker you are going to need. It makes it much easier to buy the rockers for the heads and not the heads for the rockers. If you have a part number of the heads I'd be more than happy to look them up and steer you in the right direction of rockers you need but I have had the AFR heads and every one of them has been stud mounted rockers not to say yours are not but I think you will find that they are. The pedestal mount rockers are mostly for stock type heads that use the stamped type of rocker. I have used these rockers in my own cars for years and even in my 408 stroker and not any problems at all. Again get me a part number for the heads you are going to buy and I will be better able to help you out.
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