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I bought this tool and tried to adjust my headlights. The tool was to big I think. The headlights did not adjust. Is there different sizes or am I not doing something right?
from farmersville |
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Either your allen sticks are stripped or you're not spinning it enough. - Chris 5 years ago

I agree, my ends were stropped on the adjustments. Ordered two new adjustments bodys from LMR and the tool fits fine. And yes, a LOT of turns are required to see an adjustment. - Kenneth 5 years ago

Make sure you are going the right way-either clockwise or counter-clockwise- I can't remember which. But the movements were very small, in other words, depending how far out of adjustment your lights are they may need a lot of wrench spinning.
from Levittown |

Buy new adjusters for each light. Yours are stripped. Plus, it takes a lot of turns to see an adjustment.
from Bend |

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