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Ignition Beeping Noise?

Right after I installed this ignition switch and the ignition cylinder, I have an unknown beeping noise thats pretty loud and happens when the key turns over. It beeps 5 times repeatedly for several times. It also does this while driving at random times. Any help is appreciated!
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I pulled fuse 8 and it still beeps. Disconnected the radio and it still beeps. I was reading alot of people had this problem and they said it was the airbag system somewhere has a fault. If i unplug the wiring harness behind the heat and a/c knobs just to see if thats the problem, will the airbags deploy from unpluging it? And if it foxes the problem will the airbags still deploy if that parts not connected? Thanks! - Cody 4 years ago

The question I would have is this: Do you know for a fact that your door ajar switch on the front side of the door jam is working? These cars, just like most cars, have a key warning chime. If your door ajar switch (on either the passenger or driver's side) has gone bad, which they very very often do, it is warning you that you still have the key in the ignition.
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Well i did replace the driver side about a 2 years ago but i have no interior light to begin with. I was just told it was probably the airbag module located behind the heat and a/c knobs. However this sound is coming from behind the radio. How can i test the door ajar switches wothout putting a light in? - Cody 4 years ago

And the door ajar switch i thought was for the interior light so when your door opens the light is on and when it closes it goes off...or is there another function by the door ajar switch? - Cody 4 years ago

When the key is in the ignition is also triggers the courtesy chime, reminding you to take them out so you don't lock them in the car. - Drew 4 years ago

The best way to do it would be to break out the multi-meter and do a continuity test on the switch itself. Otherwise, pull fuse 8 and see if it still beeps. If so, that is the fuse for your warning chime (as well as other items). There is nothing else that beeps on these cars so it pretty much has to be the door chime.
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I just unpluged the chime box behind the dash and it went away! Thanks for the help! Much appreciated! - Cody 4 years ago

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