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Community Q&A Question: Chin Spoiler

Asking About: Mustang SVE Progressive Rate Lowering Springs Silver (05-14)


Chin Spoiler

will these lower the car to the point where I cannot take it over a speed bump without ripping the chin spoiler off my gt500
from White Plains |
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I have a 14 5.0 GT and even after lowering it, there is 6.75" between the ground and the front chin. Hopefully this will help. I always go slow anyways to prevent anything under the car from rubbing, just in case. - David 5 years ago

Accepted Answer
Brian, without looking at your chin spoiler I would not be able to say accurately, however you will lose about an inch and a half total in the front once the springs have settled. The springs are progressive, the heavier the load more resistance they offer. I've got them on my 2011 GT and have quite a few speed bumps in my parking lot, as long as you take your time going over them you should be ok.
from Lowell |

Brian i have SVE springs in my 05 gt conv. they work just fine as long as you slow down use common sence youll be fine
from Warwick |

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