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Community Q&A Question: 93 Foxbody

Asking About: Mustang Clutch Pedal Pad Extension (94-14)


93 Foxbody

Will this fit my 93 foxbody? I hate to buy it and see it not work. Curious the reasoning why it will not fit if that is the case.
Thank you so much.
from Greenville |
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Accepted Answer
I do not think so. The shape of the pedal is highly important, and the Fox's pedal in that year doesn't seem to match at all. You would have to modify the pedal, or this extension, to make it work.

You might can also get a pedal/lever set from a S197 and put it in a Fox, but that is *wild* speculation. What I can see on a Google Image Search is that the mounting appears very similar, so it may be just the pedal on the levers that was changed from the old 'split brake' style to the current 'each is a pedal of it's own' style.

Again, wild speculation. I suspect that the answer overall, though, is 'no'. You might have to get one made or fashion one yourself. I cannot seem to find one for that style pedal on the internet...

I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but that's what I can tell so far. Hope it helps in some way.

Good luck!
from Katy |

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