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90 5.0 convertible gt

Will this work on my 90 5.0 convertible GT, need to replace my shocks bad
from National city |
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The shocks fit my 90 GT hatchback without any problems. Now if you have 10" rims or larger tires in the rear the quad shock will not fit. Other then that the shocks are great for the price and will improve your ride. - carlos 5 years ago

All worked on my 88 GT convertible, except the small shocks on the rear end. They wouldn't fit because of the tires and rims on my car, too big!
from douglasville |

Then what is the best one for my situation? - Louis 5 years ago

I have heard that "Gabriel" makes a Quad-shock that will work, looks like the stock shock. - Chester 5 years ago

I recently purchased these for my 91 5.0 convertible. They fit like a glove, and this has turned out to be the single best improvement I've made. I had no idea just how bad the original shocks were until I put these on.
from Hendersonville |

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