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upr Lower control arm install

i have a 02 mustang gt and i purchased these and when i went to do the install I noticed that the bolts do not fit threw the bushings...and i thought all necessary hardware was included and i am also wondering why these do not have the holes built in for the rear sway bar..any help would be greatly appreciated! also any tips on getting the Lca bolts out if the nuts are off but the bolts are just spinning freely and even with a air hammer and a impact it just spins and they wont come out...
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There are two different sizes of front lower control arm bolts for 1979-98 and 1999-04. Yours are the larger of the two. This set of control arms should have included two sets of front bushing inserts to accommodate both bolt sizes. Use the bushing inserts with the larger holes.

This set of rear lower control arms are severe-duty, drag use and do not have provisions for the factory rear sway bar. Most cars using these arms are using some variety of aftermarket rear sway bar or anti roll bar. If you have a street driven car, and desire to retain the factory sway bar, this may not be the right choice for you. We offer many other brands and styles of control arms to fit your car. A customer service specialist will be happy to recommend a control arm that fits your needs.

As for your bolt problem, the factory sleeve within the bushing may be rusted and stuck to the bolt. I combination of heat, penetrating lube, and some blow from a mallet may un-stick them. I've also used the open end of a wrench to hold pressure underneath the head of the bolt while spinning the bolt with an impact. This usually helps to pry the bolt out of the sleeve.

Hope this helps.
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