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Community Q&A Question: Horsepower Gain vs Sound level with longtube headers

Asking About: Mustang SVE Axle Back Exhaust Kit (05-10)


Horsepower Gain vs Sound level with longtube headers

The sve GT500 catback system would appear as the most bang for the buck. Foremost with me, don't want to lose horsepower just for sound. 1 buyer reported 17 rwhp gain. Are there any who would be able to substantiate this gain? Next, I have bbk longtube headers. Already have some drone in cabin. Worried a bit what total will be. Any users out there can give me information regarding sound levels with longtube headers? Again, this could be the deal, if no loss of horsepower and don't RAP or BLATT! Thanks Guys. Keep E'm Alive!!
from Bloomfield |
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You will not lose HP with any aftermarket exhaust. There is drone with this system. I sold mine and bought the Roush catback system. No drone and a great sound. Having said that, the sound is nice and mellow with the SVE axle back. the drone didn't bother me I just wanted a more aggressive sound.
from Mooringsport |

youtube-hot rod sponsored- all I can think of now is rat rod guys. Lost hp on dyno installing ford racing division cat back system. But! Thank you very much for information and the time to inform me. I just zero-d in on a pesky buzz or rattle if you will, caused by long tube header drone. I just hit the road 1st time today. CONSOLE! Thought it sounded like dash area. Anyway, as you did, can always sell and move on. Just couldn't pass up a try for the price. Stainless? for that price? I will keep in mind your remarks regarding sound of Roush. What they set you back? A shiny penny I'm guessing. But well worth the smile, right? Thanks again. Be Safe! Stuff happens fast at 100 mph! - Gregory 5 years ago

Forgot. For what it is worth to you all out there, my tune was done by a professional that gives classes on high tech Ford only stuff. He showed up in a twin turbo Eco-boost Ford suv. Has just returned from I think Alabama giving an Eco-Boost seminar. He claimed to me, my 06 GT stock mufflers were efficient up to 500 hp. Take it for what you will. Just passing on what he claims. No Proof to the Pudding! Take care - Gregory 5 years ago

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