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91 mustang fenders

I have a 91 lx 5.0 and my fenders are pretty much shot, and was looking to buy these to replace them...novice in the car world but love to tinker, what do I need to replace my fenders...(spat guards?, fender holes?, inner aprons etc?,) also, can I reuse my existing hardware to mount these...being my car still has the fenders on it?
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All holes are there except for the GT molding holes and emblem holes as these are intended for LX and GT applications. All of the holes are in the same locations for the fender aprons and such, so these will go right on and you can reuse your existing hardware. I ran these on my 93 and they fit nicely. You should be very pleased with them.
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Thanks alot, sounds good and eager to receive these so I can go at it, appreciate the answer - brandon 5 years ago

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