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timing question

Which set of timing marks do you use? I have a 1992 5.0 ho with 5 speed. Are there different sets of marks for different aplications? I have lost my instruction sheet. Its installed but my timing is off (popping from the air filter).
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The damper should have three sets of timing marks, one of which should align with your pointer. To check this, rotate the crank until the keyway is straight up in the 12 o'clock position. Align the damper keyway with the key in the crank and observe which set of timing marks on the damper lines up with your pointer. Once you have determined which marks suit your engine, highlight the degree mark for your initial timing setting (or full advance setting if you power time your engine) with paint or grease pencil. White or yellow will show up best.
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Here is a link to the instructions provided by the manufacturer as well.
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