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Community Q&A Question: FITTING ???....

Asking About: Mustang Rocker Molding - LH, Paint To Match (10-14)


FITTING ???....

Very nice Rocker Panel molding, indeed... (In the original Service Manual Ford spells "MOULDING" !)


Dimensions, Item codes, references ???

Like many others who had been plowing through the internet, I think this "detail" would be very useful !!!

It is inacceptable not to find this information automatically (classified intel' or what ?).
This is not the kind of "surprise" one expects when opening a parcel. (missing parts !?! : not businesslike)

(When the original molding has been damaged, you easily may need a few retainers/clips/pushpins...)

Thanks in advance your answer(s). Many others will appreciate this too.
Best regards :-)

Moulding is derived from British spelling, and Molding is derived from US spelling. Both are correct. These do not include the push pins. We are currently working on obtaining those, but as of now if yours are missing, they are a dealer item only. If you purchased this from us and were led to believe they are included, I'd like to know where that confusion might have come from so I can correct it as our descriptions do not mention them being included. This is a factory replacement Ford part so the dimensions of what is being removed are identical to this piece. If there is info you need in addition to this, please ask.
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