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Why 1996 spindles and not 1994?

Why do you use the 1996 front spindles for the Fox body upgrade to SN95 rather than 1994? Wasn't 1994 the first year for the SN95 chassis?

I have a 1993 LX 5.0L and I am considering upgrading front brakes to 13" Cobra rotors and calipers and was curious why the 1996 spindles are used in your kits.

In the same vane, what year axles are used for the 5 lug rear conversion?

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The spindles in the picture as well as the ones I was sent are 94-95, NOT 96, I would have preferred the 96 version!!! - james 5 years ago

The spindles that are pictured on the product page are 96-04 versions. The 94-95 version have a slightly offset arm where the tie-rod attaches too. This was done because the steering rack was basically in the same location as the fox rack is. - Scott 5 years ago

The 94-95 Mustangs shared the same spindle design and the 96-04 version was altered slightly when Ford changed the steering rack location in order to fit properly with the new modular motor platform. Both 94-95 spindles and 96-04 spindles will work when converting a fox to the SN-95 front brake set up. Some of the aftermarket k-Member manufacturers actually designed their K-members to be used with the 96-04 Spindles The reason we offer the 96-04 version is simply due to the availability of them. The 94-95 specific spindles are more difficult to source and carry a higher price tag than the 96-04 versions.
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As far as the rear axles are concerned, When converting a fox to SN-95 rear brakes, you would need to go with the standard fox length axles that have the larger SN-95 mounting flange. This flange correctly centers the brake rotor on the axle for this swap/ We have these specific axles available under part number MOS-A882851SN - Scott 5 years ago

The spindles in the picture as well as the ones I was sent were 94-95, NOT 96!! - james 5 years ago

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