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Rear Tubular Control Arms

Hello, I'm looking to do some small upgrades on my 1993 Mustang Cobra suspension. For just a little background it has been lowered a little (not positive how much or using which springs as I bought it after it was lowered) and I am not doing any track driving with it at all. I'm thinking about doing the bolt in BBK subframe connectors as well as some rear control arms. I have two questions. One, do these two upgrades seem like a good idea? Two, in your honest opinion as a mustang guy or gal, are the BBK rear control arms worth the money or are the sve really that good of a deal? I do not mind paying the extra money if it gets me a better product but i do not want to spend money if i dont have to. Any information you have would be great. Thank you for your help!

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I agree with Brandon on the full length sfc's. I have had 2 Fox mustangs and 3 SN95's and all of them had Steeda flsc on them. I would recommend either the Steeda or Maximum Motor Sports and you wont be disappointed. - Mark 3 years ago

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Any aftermarket lower control arm for your mustang will be better. The stock lower control arms are cheap stamped steel that tend to flex while under load. As long as the control arms come with a good set of bushings you'll feel a difference in not only acceleration but as well as cornering. The reason for this is because the new control arms will be rigid and solid enough and not flex under load now. As far as subframe connectors go I personally would highly recommend full-length weld in subframe connectors because you will get full and total benefit for having the extra contact on the frame to support the car under load while cornering, acceleration, braking and what ever else you may put your chassis through.

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