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93 octane only?

Will this kit require 93 octane only?
from Warrenton |
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Thanks Brandon, I plan on using this kit on my 2014 bone stock GT. Just wasn't sure if the custom tune included with this kit would change it to 93 octane only! Thanks for the response! - Paul 3 years ago
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Accepted Answer
It depends on if your car is tuned to run 93 octane or not. If your car is specifically tuned to run on 93 octane then you should only put 93 octane in or you'll run the risk of detonation. Now if your car is stock and runs on 87-89 octane and you adds these performance parts you can still run 87-89 octane. It's also good to check your owners manual to see what octane your car takes if it has not been tuned via hand held tuner, chip, what ever the case may be.

Hope this helps!
from Charlotte |
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