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Hub size

I'm wondering if the SVE Drifts will fit on my 1969 mustang. What is the hub size on this wheel?
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Fitting 94-04 wheels on 65-73 cars is fairly popular. In order to do so, it requires wheel adapters to achieve the correct offset. There are a handful of kits out there with the early Mustang retailers you can choose from intended for 65-70 fitment. Typically a 1'' adapter for the front is required, and 1/2'' spacer for the rear. Due to the thickness of the adapters, the fronts will usually have their own studs and will allow enough clearance where the hub bore of the wheel will clear. Our SVE Drift wheel has reliefs machined in the hub so if your existing studs stick out of the adapter a bit, they will still clear. The rear will typically require longer studs on your axles for proper fitment. The folks that do this though, usually do not go wider than a 9'' wheel. I would be concerned with tire clearance on your rear leaf springs with a 10'' wide wheel. Enough spacer to combat that could then cause rear fender clearance issues. Most of the aftermarket adapter kits out there will have the proper hub size for an SN95 wheel. Bore size on the 18'' Drift Wheel is 70.6mm
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