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Exhaust Cams

Are these worth the performance gains? What will it do for my exhaust note? How much on avg for install. Thank you

Thank you Scott, my current build is:
JBA LT, Boss IM, Airaid race CAI, MBRP Cat back, 93 race tune. Would these be good, or should I just wait and get a set of comp cams.
- CHILION 4 years ago

The Ford Racing Exhaust cams are pretty mild. If you're wanting more gains, and the lopey sound that everyone's after, a comp cams set will be more beneficial. - scott 4 years ago

Thanks Scott. Yes I am looking for that lopey sound, so I will wait and get the comp cams. - CHILION 4 years ago

We've got a set of these in our 2011 Mustang project car with the Aluminator XS crate engine. These cams have a smooth idle, and will produce around 10 additional horsepower with supporting mods. Installation will depend on the shop you choose, but you can expect 6-8 hours labor minimum.
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