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30 or 24lb injectors?

this is my first build, 88 gt, and my car seams to be hesitating off the launch, last run was 8.86 in 1/8, still have the 19lbs but I think I need more...302 stock bottom crank and pistons, my mods are TF twisted wedge aluminum heads, TF push rods, ford racing rockers, TF stage 1 cam (4.90 or 5 lift I think), TF track heat upper & lower intake, TF 1" spacer, dbl roller timing, 70mm bbk tb, bbk cold air intake, maf installed, computer from 93 cobra, aod with prof product shift kit, 2800 stall conv with cooler, 3.73 rear end...Im planning on adding a 150 shot and maybe a 4.10 gear if the injectors don't just unsure if I should get 30lb and back the pressure off or run 24's wide open? thanks for any help or advice on anything...
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I'm not sure if the injectors are the problem here. Has the Fuel pump been upgraded? One way to troubleshoot is to have a fuel pressure gauge visible when launching to see what the pressure is doing and how much it may be dropping. I have have seen plenty of cars running your combo with 19lb injectors and run fine if you do determine it is the injectors the 24lb will be more than sufficient for your application.
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Thanks for the help, yes it has th Walbro 220 fuel pump I think it is...basically when I launch the rpm just isn't winding up like I think it should...I've been told the cam and intake set up is too big and it needs more fuel but idk cause I've never put it on a dyno - Elvis 4 years ago

Check out the fuel pressure and see what kind of drop you have when you launch. If there is a substantial drop then there very well could be a fuel starvation issue. If it stays fairly steady with hardly any drop then you would need to start looking other places - Scott 4 years ago

These guys are right. I would also consider getting a BBK adjustable fuel regulator for your fuel rails as well. Pick up a fuel psi gauge kit (I got mine from su**it) to measure your fuel psi and then adjust. That being said, it wouldn't be a lack of fuel psi, it would be a lack of fuel in your mix. I'm running 30# on my setup with Dart Pro 1 heads, Anderson N412 cam, Anderson power pipe, Holley Sym II intake, and BBK long tubes... - Chris 4 years ago

Sounds good, I went ahead and ordered 30 lbs today along with a new maf and a professional products fuel press regulator...also got a set of welds from a friend so I'm taking the pony wheels off....thanks again guys and I will update any changes next time I run it.... - Elvis 4 years ago

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