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egr header tube

Am i going to need the egr header tube for bbk shorty headers?
from Hayward |
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I have a 95 gt convertible that needed a new EGR and Header Tube! I also have short BBK HEADERS installed in my car. The header tube that ford made does NOT fit the BBK headers!! You will need to shorten the tube and bend it as well! It is about 1 3/8 to long! I tried to contact BBK about this with no success! I did however email and got a response from you guys here at Latemodel, unfortunately you guys had the wrong information for my application! I asked the same question as this guy and was told it would fit, but it DID NOT! It looks like BBK changed the position of the threaded bung from the 3rd tube to the second one or the one closer to the EGR VALVE. And that's why it was too long!! I hope this helps! In closing you WILL NEED TO ALTER THE OE HEADER TUBE FROM LATEMODEL RESTORATION!
John Piegzik Mesa,AZ
from apache junction |
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Your factory header tube will work with the BBK headers, although a new EGR tube would be a nice compliment to you new headers.
from Hewitt |
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