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Ignition Switch Actuator Rod Instalation?

How do you install this thing? I've searched through dozens of forums and nobody knows how it is done.
I've replaced the ignition switch and the key switch, so what is the dark secret to replacing the actuator rod?
from Katy |
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Maybe a video is needed. - Frank 4 years ago
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Its actually not too bad of an install. Remove your column covers and remove the ignition lock cylinder. Noting the orientation, remove the plastic gear inside the column using something like a dental pic. Remove the actual ignition switch and slide out the actuator rod. Installation is the reverse of removal!
from Hewitt |
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I have done all the above and also removed a screw at the end of the channel that the actuator sits in and the rod will not slide out. There is something else here. A hidden screw maybe? - Frank 4 years ago

Not that I've ever come across. For reference, here are the instructions straight out of the Ford Service Manual:

1 - Remove the lock cylinder assembly.
***CAUTION: Carefully note the position of the bearing retainer prior to removal.

2 - Remove the white plastic bearing retainer by inserting a screwdriver or similar tool, with a 90 degree bend on the tip, between the bearing retainer and the bearing and by prying upward.

3 - Insert tip of a screwdriver into the Double-D slot of the bearing, then rotate 90 degrees. Remove bearing.

4 - Remove lock drive gear. Carefully note the relationship of the lock drive gear to the position of the rack teeth.

5 - Remove the ignition switch.

6 - Slide the actuator assembly out the rear of the track in the lock cylinder housing.

If the actuator itself is broken, it is possible a piece of debris is keeping the actuator from sliding out. The column may require complete disassembly to replace it.
- Jonathan 4 years ago
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