Community Q&A Question: Seals and bearings?

Asking About: Mustang Front Brake Rotor - 11" - 4 Lug (87-93) 5.0


Seals and bearings?

I just replaced my rotors/pads/seals/bearings/caps a couple months ago. Just my luck, my caliper seized shortly after and warped my rotor. Can I just throw on some new calipers/rotors without having to do the seals/bearings again, or are they damaged in removing the old ones?
from Calgary |
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It would be best if you replaced at least the grease seal. As long as the rotor never seized up the bearings are most likely not damaged and can be re-used. It is possible that the grease seal is ok as swell but those are not intended to be reused once pulled off the spindle.
from Hewitt |
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