Community Q&A Question: five lug drift wheels on A FOX 1985

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five lug drift wheels on A FOX 1985

I HAD SOME 17 X 9 FRONT and 17 x 10.5 on my 86 fox with drum brakes and ranger axles and it works barely with min trimming and a hammer. I all so have rear disc off a 03 mustang but think have buy a longer axle to run them. I would like to run the 18x9/10 set-up but not wanting to Mini tub it to do it. How best way to accomplish this effort? That's Coy
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As long as you get the tire sizes "overall diameter and width" the same as the old combo that you had on the 17x9 & 17x10.5 you should be fine. As far as the rear disc conversion goes, We offer the brackets to run the SN-95 rear disc with the correct fox length axles. If you run the longer axles, it will cause fitment issues with the wheel and tire combo you want to run.
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Thanks that kinda what I was thinking on both. Think I stick to drums for now and try different rear disc brake later. Tires may be a problem kinda remember but not sure. LoL I know I could have went little wider on tire and they would have worked. Them being 10.5 should help a Quarter also. - Coy 3 years ago
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