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Battery kit.

I installed everything like it recommended in the kit. When I ran the cable to the front I joked it up like it has always been. Didn't change nothing just moved the battery to the trunk. Ran my ground an went to start it an nothing happen. Do I need to run more grounds.?
from Bluefield |
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If the only thing you changed is the battery location and didn't touch any of the other wiring, then there should be no additional grounds that need to be added.Make sure that your ground in the trunk is thoroughly cleaned of paint and undercoating so you have a good connection. The other place I would check would be the starter solenoid on the apron. Make sure it is tight up against the apron and not loose. The solenoid gets it's ground through the 2 bolts that hold it to the apron. If these are loose in any way or the solenoid is not clamped to the apron securely, it won't work properly.
from hewitt |
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