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valve clearance

i have a 94 mustang and was wonder about valve clearance it has the 1.6 roller rockers i dont want to buy cam without knowing if they will clear i have heard that it should clear but wasnt sure
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There are alot of variables that go into camshaft selection and proper valve clearance. For example, head selection plays a huge role. For example, trick flow heads have a different valve placement in the head that can only be used with matching pistons in some applications. Another factor is valve size, the standard 1.94 intake valve works with many of the aftermarket camshafts but changing to a 2.02 intake valve may cause clearance issues. Basically it comes down to your specific combination. You have to measure and verify you have the correct clearance on your motor. I had an F cam in my stock bottom end 302 with GT-40P heads and had no piston to valve issues, but your engine could have different tolerances, thinner head gasket, etc. that could cause it not to clear. the only way to find out for sure is to measure it on your application.
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I am running stock heads with 1.6 roller rockers and upgraded valve springs - jacob 4 years ago

Sounds similar to the set up I was running and I didn't have any issues, however you still must verify the measurements on your specific motor to make sure there won't be any Piston to valve contact issues. - Scott 4 years ago

Thanks alot - jacob 4 years ago
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