Community Q&A Question: Performance after Dyno tune?

Asking About: Mustang Pro-M Flanged 85mm Mass Air Meter For 19lb Injectors & Fenderwell Cold Air Kit (99-01) 4.6


Performance after Dyno tune?

How does this add on the 8-12 Hp it claims in the description if you already have a custom dyno tune and full bolts on? I've always been told upping the MAF sensor size on the 4.6 2v does nothing gains wise.
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The HP increase claims are based on a stock car and replacing the Original mass air meter with this unit. These mass air meters are larger in diameter and have a more specific calibration that an OE Air meter. Since your car has already been modified and tuned, you may not see the full 8-12 horsepower gains that a completely stock car would.
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