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Gauge Lens Replacement 86

Is there a video on replacing the instrument gauge lens? It is factory melted to the housing. I was just going to drill the melted spots?? Also how does the trip reset remove from the lens?
from Salina |
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While there are no instructions, you are on the right track. Most folks will drill the melted spots out and then either epoxy or superglue the replacement in. To remove the trip button, you simply pull on the knob itself, and it will separate from the base and can be transferred over. When you pull the knob out, a small spring will come out. Be sure to not lose that and you will be good to go.
from Hewitt |
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Are you sure you just pull the knob out? I am pulling REALLY hard and it isn't budging. And I actually have two clusters and I am trying it on both of them. Neither of them are moving even pulling really, really hard. Any suggestions? I am afraid I am going to break it at this rate. - eric 3 years ago
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