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Have 1990 mustang GT

My alternator has two connectors one that comes with kit sold here. But the other is much larger on top of the alternator and under the radiator hoses? So if I purchased the upgrade the large connector will have no where to connect?
from Lynbrook |
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Tony, the connector you speak of is the factory power wire/stator connector. If you watch the install video, skip to the 1:27 mark. There I start to outline the modification that removes this plug from the equation.
from Hewitt |
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If you bought the kit then it comes with all the wires and attached hardware. The video is very informative and I suggest you watch it several times until you feel comfortable. This alternator will more than double your current amps put out by the crappy Ford suggested alternator. The wires you are looking for are part of the wire harness originally supplied by Ford and may be hidden in electrical tape (mine were), J Mac explains in the video where these connections are. I installed this on a 1990 Fox Body 7 up edition. It took me a little longer only because of the same problem it sounds like you are having. I physically removed all of the wiring harness to the battery and then carefully used convoluted wrap and electrical tape for a cleaner look and to find the missing connections. The longer power wire is needed for warranty purposes and provides the needed juice to charge the battery and handle any other power drain sources. All in all this kit is by far worth it's weight in gold. I have never had anymore electrical issues since installing. I hope this helps.
Andrew aka copntrainn.
from San Tan Valley |
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