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Community Q&A Question: O2 Problems

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O2 Problems

Hi there, I have a 1996 Mustang GT. The owner before put long tube headers, H-pipe (no cats), and Magna-flow exhaust on it but left the rest of the car stock. He put the O2 sensors right back in without changing anything. My check engine light is always on saying I have O2 malfunction etc... depending on the weather and the moisture in the air, it seems like the engine is holding back and some what sputters. If I put the peddle to the floor, it will snap out of it. Is this an O2 sensor problem? Would the SCT X4 Tuner fix this?
Thanks, Hugh
from Hopkinton |

The SCT X4 with SVE Custom Tune will indeed eliminate the Check engine light and PCM codes for the rear O2 sensor faults. However, the drivablity/sputtering is likely stemming from something else. You'll want to check and the overall "tune-up" of the car. Check and replace as needed your coil packs, plug wires, spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter. I'd also suggest cleaning the MAF sensor element using electrical contact cleaner.
from Hewitt |

any time your check engine light is on it will effect the performance of your car. The most common fix for the check engine light is the MIL eliminators part number SVE-MILO2 If you purchase the SCT X4 you will have to get the one with the custom tune for it to turn off the Check engine light.
from hewitt |
LMR.com Staff Member Post!

Okay thank you. I already put on MIL eliminators on from ebay a couple months ago... but I don't know the quality of those; they did not work. If I had a faulty O2 sensor, would the MIL eliminators not work correctly? I don't really want to buy 4 new O2 sensors because of the price. Just yesterday she ran fine on a trip, but then on the way back home it felt choked in lower rpm's at some points. As I said, it would snap out of it with just a twitch of the throttle. - Hugh 6 years ago

Just to make sure, the MIL eliminators are designed to go on the rear o2 sensors.Its a common thing for people to try and put them on the front set but that will cause the O2 sensor to not read correctly. If you have them on the rear set and it still shows faulty O2 reading then it may indeed be a bad sensor itself. - Scott 6 years ago

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