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What is a good recommendation for this combo? I.E 1.6 Rocker Arms, 5/16 stud kit, and hardened push rods?
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1.6 rockers will be a perfect option to go with, as well as the hardened push rods. Here are some recommendations.
from waco | Staff Member Post!

These heads are designed to accept the factory style bolt down rockers, like the ones Jay suggested. If you desire an adjustable valvetrain, you can use the crane stud mount conversion CRN-3665516 coupled with a set of hardened pushrods like the M6565L302 and then you can pick any 3/8" stud mount rocker arm you desire. TFS-51400510 are a good choice.

Of course, going with the adjustable valvetrain will require a different set of valvecovers, my personal favorites are the CAN-65345 as they do not require an intake spacer to clear the intake.
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