Community Q&A Question: Top end kit for a 1987 Ford 5.0 non compatible?

Asking About: Mustang Trick Flow Top End Kit, w/ Track Heat Intake Silver (87-93) 5.0L


Top end kit for a 1987 Ford 5.0 non compatible?

I am being told that this kit is not compatible and If I purchase it I will have to buy a new computer and mass air meter and fuel pump and a fuel regulator and a fuel adjuster and a chip... I am worried I am being taken advantage of by the installer..
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The installer isn't trying to lead you down a wrong path. There are basically 2 options when it comes to installing a performance camshaft in a speed density car "which is what you have". Converting over to mass air on your car is the most common way to solve this issue. Tuning a speed density car to run correctly with a heads/cam/intake combination can be done but they are rather finicky, The mass air method is far more forgiving when it comes to modifications.
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