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Gibson 3" Stainless Steel Catback Kit

Does this kit DRONE? I went through 2 separate exhaust systems with my 2011 GT. I spent a lot of money and suffered a lot of aggravation. I do not want to repeat this with my 2015 GT.

So once again is there the dreaded drone between 1800 and 2500 RPM'S
from Newtown |
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This exhaust does drone and it is annoying and irritating. - Brandyn 3 years ago
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Accepted Answer
We've had the exhaust on the car for four days now and multiple different drivers. No one has complained of drone as of yet. In my seat time with the car, trying to make it drone, I was only able to make do so at such a minimal level that its hard for me to say that it was present. As a pretty picky person myself, I do not feel you'd be disappointed with this kit on your 2015.
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Thanks I appreciate the time spent. - Edward 3 years ago

No problem! - Jonathan 3 years ago
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