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SVE Firewall Adjuster

I already purchased this piece from LMRS a couple years ago. I don't have the adjustable cable only the quadrant and firewall adjuster. I just put in a new ACT clutch and it is slipping and mid-high RPM due to clutch engagement. I can't remember which to turn the adjuster to loosen or put more slack in the cable. I have researched the install and adjustment but nobody says which way to adjust the firewall adjuster. I also recently ordered from LMRS the transmission inner bearing retainer upgrade. I thought i would just contact the Good Guys & Gals here to get some insight on how to adjust my cable.
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Kevin Brown
from Palmdale |
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Sounds like the cable is adjusted too tightly. Screw the adjuster in toward the firewall to reduce cable tension.
from Hewitt |
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