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02 sensors

I would like to know if this 02: LRS-9472B would fit my 1987 mustang GT convertible? It's a 5-speed. The 1986 02 looks exactly like what I took out of my 87 Gt when I tried to replace them. I bought some from Oriley's and the driver side fit, but the passenger side 02 plug wouldn't fit my harness plug, so I figured that I should try to put back what came off, since that 1986 02 looks like what I took off the 87.
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While they may look similar, you have to make sure that the harness plug is compatible with a three male, and one female O2 sensor connector.
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Tim R. I appreciate the information. I will check this out when I get home. I was under the car last weekend, but didn't take a picture to see exactly which is there. I will more than likely order the one for the car # 9472A. If my harness hasn't been changed, I should be OK, thanks!
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