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Asking About: Mustang Maximum Motorsports Tubular K Member w/ Hellion Turbo (96-04)


just a question about this k member...

Im wanting to run a tubular k with my coyote swapped 97 stang! i plan to add boost later down the road and don't want to buy another k member when i do! would this be a good choice for a turbo coyote application? any info is greatly appreciated. and also want it to be a maximum motorsports k member. just need to know which one to purchase. Thanks Travis.
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The K-Member that you are asking about will not work with the Coyote swap. This K-Member is for use with the Hellion Kit on a 2v motor.

Don't worry, we offer the correct K-Member for your swap. It is from Maximum Motorsports, and it's part number is MM-MMKM2. It is specifically designed to mount a Coyote in your car the cleanest, and most space allowing way possible.
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