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pressure gauge

Do I have to remove my egr in order to place a permanent gauge I those regulator? 1989 gt 5.0.
Additionally, do I have to take the manifold off to be able to aces the bolt on screws?

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I removed my fuel pressure regulator yesterday without removing the manifold. I used an allen wrench (4mm) to remove all 3 screws. My question to you is did your package come with new screws? I'm having a hard time screwing the old screws into the new BBK fuel pressure regulator. - Oscar 4 years ago

Also, the process is much easier if you remove the throttle body. It is almost impossible to get to the screw closest to the manifold with the throttle body on. - Oscar 4 years ago
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You may not be able to install the unit without removing the upper intake. You can install a guage connection without removing anything from the motor. That is needed because you need to adjust this with the motor running.
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