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351 swap

I have recently done a 351 swap in my 1990 mustang fox and I ran into a problem I can't figure out. After putting my t5 tranny back in I have to much slack in my peddle a don't hit any at all till the peddle is 3/4 of the way down I have tried to adjust it and still have the same slack in my cable at the clutch fork I do have aftermarket clutch pressure plate and throwout bearing kit but I need a quick answer on how to fix it because Ik it's something stupid and simple the only thing I can think of that might help is an adjustable clutch for pivot stud. Can anyone give me an answer to this?....
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Kirsten, Do you have an adjustable cable or firewall adjuster? The engage/disengage of the clutch will be very difficult to fine tune without these items. For more detailed response you may want to email me on this and I should be able to guide you through.
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