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Can you fit this tire on a 93 mustang without rolling the fender. The quad shocks are already removed.thanks.
from East Petersburg |

Accepted Answer
If you are looking at only putting this size on the rear, rolling the fenders is not necessary. I would recommend a 255/40/17 for the front fitment.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

What would you recommend for the rear is this perfect size or can I run bigger without rolling the fenders?
- Tyler 4 years ago

This would be the best size for someone who doesn't want to have to beat the inner well in or roll fenders. You can run up to a 315/35/17 out back, but at that point, it would require massaging for fitment. A 275/40/17 is what I'd recommend for a bolt on ready to go tire and it will fill out the wheel well nicely.
from Hewitt | Staff Member Post!

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  • Nitto NT05 Tire - 275/40/17
    Nitto NT05 Tire - 275/40/17
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